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Civil and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Resolving Conflict With A Professional

Mediation Service Nationwide

When you’re mired in the frustration of a civil or commercial dispute, turn to my professional mediation services for help. Assure Mediation offers conflict resolution services designed to achieve positive outcomes that leave all parties feeling satisfied.

Offering Valuable Insights

As a neutral party I will assess the nature of your dispute. Then acting as a go-between help the parties to resolve the dispute amicably and reasonably.

Whether you choose a venue of your choice, or invite me to attend your home or workplace,  I work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the closure you are looking for. Just some of the all-encompassing mediation services I provide are:

Wills and inheritance – Landlords and tenants – Property – Divorce asset settlements – Neighbour disputes – Contracts – Construction – Loan agreements – Sale of goods – HR disputes within the workplace

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